Risk Counseling & Referral

Risk Counseling is an ongoing, routine, structured way of finding out how a person’s sexual, drug use and injection behaviors may increase their risk for HIV/STDs, violence and injury, substance abuse, overdose or other harms. 

How it works: BAGLY takes a unique and innovative approach to risk assessment.  A highly trained team, including BAGLY’s staff  and HEARRT Peer Leaders, conduct risk counseling interviews with youth participants of BAGLY’s during regular programming.  These interviews usually take about 30 minutes, are totally voluntary and performed anonymously.

Why We Do It: It is important to make sure that LGBTQ youth are aware of their health risks, and doubly important that they be connected to safe, supportive resources that will care for and treat them.   In addition, the collection of behavioral risk data from BAGLY members is important because, the process findings regarding the prevention and referral needs of LGBTQ youth provides a course of action for the design and implementation of BAGLY’s programs.  They also are utalized as a source of information regarding  trends and data on our population.

Referrals: BAGLY’s statewide referral network connects LGBTQ youth to a variety of health and other services.   We work closely with all of our referral sites, and maintain active relationships with direct service and management staff, in order to ensure that LGBTQ youth receive the most competent services at these locations.  Check out our Resources to find out more!